Our managed services include

Testing as a
Service - TaaS &

Development as a
Service - DaaS

TaaS and Daas

Our TaaS and DaaS offering provide the flexibility of  dedicated or benched team of testers or developers due to fluctuations in the software development process. We focus on the following testing

Custom software development

Test Automation




Localization testing (if app is to be used internationally)

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Our managed service for development focuses on delivering quality solutions for medium to enterprise organizations whilst maintaining a single monthly costs and clearly defined and measurable deliverables. We provide a complete package that meets the need of the business without breaking the bank ranging from product / solution design to deployment. We have an accompanying service to provide an end to end testing service. Appstacio is a registered trademark of MYRIOI

Testing as a Service

Our managed service for testing focuses on an end to end testing solutions that provide, functional testing, security testing, test automation, API testing, performing testing etc. Using state of the art technologies and experienced resources we provide quality deliverables within fixed monthly costs. We have an accompany service to also provide application development as a service.